Monday, December 14, 2009

-::HapPY AnNiVeRsAry tO uS::-

Genap setahun dah :)

sekejap jer kan

13hb Dec

Semoga ikatan perkahwinan ini berkekalan hingga akhir hayat

dikurniakan zuriat yg soleh n solehah

kebahagiaan berpanjangan

Selamat Ulangtahun Perkahwinan

buat suami tersayang (ahaks :P)

dan juga rakan2 yg juga menyambutnye

di bulan Dec nie :)

En Hubby tg berdebar2 agaknye ms nie :P

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

-::aKU kEnA kUAR rUMaH kER??::-

Semalam, smpi jer kat rumah terus check 'mail box'
terus jumpa nie....

Utk pengetahuan kwn2, Ezan menyewa rumah skang dah setahun. Menyewa nie pun tru agent property (nama agent telah di padamkan atas sbb2 keselamatan, kang kena saman pulak kan!!!!) . Kebanyakkan rumah sewa kat Shah Alam nie semua tru agent jer. dan semestinya klu tru diorang nie, semuanyer guna contract & document. Hari tue contract mmg buat utk setahun, so bile dah cukup setahun nie, tak sangka pulak diorang boleh bg surat kat ats nie.

Frust lah Ezan kan. x boleh tdo bile pikir kan. yelah, nnti nak duk kat mana kan. Dlm kpala nie cm pikir nak duk kat Penang jer. duk ngan hubby..Tapi pelik jugak kan, takde pulak sape2 call me bgth kan. Autie landlord pun tak call Ezan..

Hari nie, smpi opis buat keje skit dlm kul 9.30 trs call landlord

  • Me: Morning Auntie, ni Nurul sewa rumah auntie
  • Auntie: Morning Nurul
  • Me: Auntie, sy dpt surat dr agent. Die kate auntie nak jual ini rumah. sudah ade client mahu beli
  • Auntie: Takdelah Nurul..I klu mahu jual I mesti bgth sama U
  • Me: Ye ke Auntie..I pun sgt sedih. sbb auntie tak de bgth sm I
  • Auntie: No lah Nurul..u can stay there, I takde plan pun mahu jual. Itu agent sudah tipu same u.
  • Me: :) (dgn gembiranyer) thanks Auntie. if Auntie dah say that i'll follow your said. i just ignored the letter given by them, Thank u Auntie.

(Note: Ayat lebih kurang lah nie :P di adjust ikut kesesuaian.)

Moral of the story:

if u stuck in this situation don't straight call the agent but call the landlord. Might be agent nie sengaja bg surat nie utk naikkan harga sewa. If kita call them & say want to continue sewa & then they will ask for high rental fees. & Me was lucky sbb call landlord dulu. Fuh...nasib baik

Monday, December 07, 2009

-::Pegi WedDing LaGi::-

Date: 23 November 2009

Venue: Dewan Merak Kayangan Felda, KL

Wedding: Adik my Colleagues, Oly & Dr. Fouzi (Doc Pusrawi tau)


sweet sgt ms pengantin berarak :) siap ada lagu "Dibius Cinta".

mmg gorgeous sgt pengantin nie =)

How tembam i'am =)

Food, mmgg best :)

From left: Salmah, me, K'Nor, Hasni & K'Nadia

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

-::BuLaN dECeMbER TibA LaGii::-

warh rs sekejap sgt ms berlalu kan..

Bulan dec dtg lagi..

bnyk important dates nie hehe :P

My hubby's birthday on 9th

our first wedding anniversary is on 13th

tengah pikir2 nie ape hadiah nak bg???

any idea my friends???

Thursday, November 19, 2009

-::PosiNg KT opIS::-

Owh hari nie, bos2 smua meeting & conference

sgt2 bahagia okey :P

saje2 lah gatal2 ambik gmbr

hari nie tak smpt nak solek molek

pakai sarung jer baju..simple & selamba hahaha

so klu muka 'sememeh' tue buat tak nmpk jelah k

Budak praktikal kat ofis nie ~ Wani/ Oniey

Eksyen jer tue :P

Me & Salmah, GEMS

Hasni, single & available..anyone??? :P

-::LaCk oF sLeEp??::-

SAP IndiaCEO Ranjan Das Dies After Gym Workout

Ranjan Das, CEO and MD of SAP Indian subcontinent died after a massive cardiac arrest in Mumbai on Wednesday. One of the youngest CEOs, he was 42

A month ago, many of us heard about the sad demise of Ranjan Das from Bandra, Mumbai. Ranjan, just 42 years of age, was the CEO of SAP-Indian Subcontinent, the youngest CEO of an MNC in India. He was very active in sports, was a fitness freak and a marathon runner. It was common to see him run on Bandra's Carter Road. Just after Diwali, on 21st Oct, he returned home from his gym after a workout, collapsed with a massive heart attack and died. He is survived by his wife and two very young kids. It was certainly a wake-up call for corporate India. However, it was even more disastrous for runners amongst us. Since Ranjan was an avid marathoner ( in Feb 09, he ran Chennai Marathon at the same time some of us were running Pondicherry Marathon 180 km away ), the question came as to why an exceptionally active, athletic person succumb to heart attack at 42 years of age.

Was it the stress?

A couple of you called me asking about the reasons. While Ranjan had mentioned that he faced a lot of stress, that is a common element in most of our lives. We used to think that by being fit, one can conquer the bad effects of stress. So I doubted if the cause was stress.

The Real Reason

However, everyone missed out a small line in the reports that Ranjan used to make do with 4-5 hours of sleep. This is an earlier interview of Ranjan on NDTV in the program 'Boss' Day Out': Boss' Day Out: Ranjan Das of SAP India. Here he himself admits that he would love to get more sleep ( and that he was not proud of his ability to manage without sleep, contrary to what others extolled ).

The Evidence

Last week, I was working with a well-known cardiologist on the subject of ‘Heart Disease caused by Lack of Sleep’. While I cannot share the video nor the slides because of confidentiality reasons, I have distilled the key points below in the hope it will save some of our lives.

Some Excerpts: ·

  1. Short sleep duration ( <5>% compared to those who slept longer than 6 hours per night. Paper published in 2009. As you know, high BP kills. ·
  2. Young people ( 25-49 years of age ) are twice as likely to get high BP if they sleep less. Paper published in 2006. ·
  3. Individuals who slept less than 5 hours a night had a 3-fold increased risk of heart attacks. Paper published in 1999. ·
  4. Complete and partial lack of sleep increased the blood concentrations of High sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hs-cRP), the strongest predictor of heart attacks. Even after getting adequate sleep later, the levels stayed high!! ·
  5. Just one night of sleep loss increases very toxic substances in body such as Interleukin-6 (IL-6), Tumour Necrosis Factor-Alpha (TNF-alpha) and C-reactive protein (cRP). They increase risks of many medical conditions, including cancer, arthritis and heart disease. Paper published in 2004. ·
  6. Sleeping for <=5 hours per night leads to 39% increase in heart disease. Sleeping for <=6 hours per night leads to 18% increase in heart disease. Paper published in 2006.

Ideal Sleep

For lack of space, I cannot explain here the ideal sleep architecture. But in brief, sleep is composed of two stages: REM ( Rapid Eye Movement ) and non-REM. The former helps in mental consolidation while the latter helps in physical repair and rebuilding. During the night, you alternate between REM and non-REM stages 4-5 times.

The earlier part of sleep is mostly non-REM. During that period, your pituitary gland releases growth hormones that repair your body. The latter part of sleep is more and more REM type.

For you to be mentally alert during the day, the latter part of sleep is more important. No wonder when you wake up with an alarm clock after 5-6 hours of sleep, you are mentally irritable throughout the day (lack of REM sleep). And if you have slept for less than 5 hours, your body is in a complete physical mess ( lack of non-REM sleep ), you are tired throughout the day, moving like a zombie and your immunity is way down ( I’ve been there, done that ).

Finally, as long-distance runners, you need an hour of extra sleep to repair the running related damage.

If you want to know if you are getting adequate sleep, take Epworth Sleepiness Test below. Interpretation: Score of 0-9 is considered normal while 10 and above abnormal. Many a times, I have clocked 21 out the maximum possible 24, the only saving grace being the last situation, since I don’t like to drive ( maybe, I should ask my driver to answer that line ).

In conclusion: Barring stress control, Ranjan Das did everything right: eating proper food, exercising ( marathoning! ), maintaining proper weight. But he missed getting proper and adequate sleep, minimum 7 hours. In my opinion, that killed him.

If you are not getting enough sleep ( 7 hours ), you are playing with fire, even if you have low stress.

I always took pride in my ability to work 50 hours at a stretch whenever the situation warranted. But I was so spooked after seeing the scientific evidence last week that since Saturday night, I ensure I do not even set the alarm clock under 7 hours. Now, that is a nice excuse to get some more sleep.

Unfortunately, Ranjan Das is not alone when it comes to missing sleep. Many of us are doing exactly the same, perhaps out of ignorance. Please forward this mail/article to as many of your colleagues/friends as possible, especially those who might be short-changing their sleep. If we can save even one young life because of this email, I would be the happiest person on earth.

P/s: Scary ek..lately pun Ezan mcm ssh nak tdo..puas dh golek2.. :) so guys jgn tdo lmbt k

Thursday, November 05, 2009

-::BaNyAk nAK BuaT hArI nIE::-

Huhuhu..bnyknyer nak kena buat hari nie ;(

keje kat opis nie, jgn ckplah kan

semua br separuh jalan jer siap

Kat umah.. bakul baju kotor dah penuh dah..smpi dah termuntah keluar dah (Ya Allah ko nie Ezan tggl sorang jer, baju berlambak2 pulak) tue tak kira lagi yg kena basuh tgn. Aduhai tue yg mls sgt kan

Pinggan pun tak basuh lg tue hehehe (smalam kan pening kpala kan kononnyer)

Hari nie plak ttiba rs nak msk2 pulak :)

nak try msk resepi dr Mak mertua..apa die ek??? heheh tunggu, klu jd nanti Ezan share k..klu tak, takdelah kot..segan pulak klu tak jadi hahah

sajelah tue nak membanyakkan keje hehe

hari ni nak blk awl lah..da~

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

-::tAK LaRAt::-

Tgh pening kpala sgt nie..

Bnyk lagi yg tak siap, keje berlambak2

Report & Proposal tak sentuh lansung

tp sgt2 tak larat..

help meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, November 02, 2009


Nie gmbr pegi trainning :P

15-16 October 2009

di FMM Institute Bandar Sri Damansara

"Finance for Non-Financial Manager & Executive"


-::tAkZiAh bUaT sAhAbaT::-

Selasa yg lpas, Ezan dpt sms dr sahabat opis.. Hasni

Ibunya meninggal dunia setelah bertahun2 menderita sakit kanser. (semoga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan orang yg beriman, Al-Fatihah)

Sempat kami menziarahi sahabat (tidak smpt bjumpa kali terakhir dgn arwah ibunya) di Triang, Temerloh. Kami bergerak dr S.alam kul 10 pg & smpi di Temerloh kul 11.30. Smpi di Temerloh br kami perasan kami takde pun alamat rumah. cm th die tggl di Triang jer. apelah :( Try to call & text her..but no one pick up the phone. At last kami terus jer call HR Proton nak mntk alamat die.

Sementara tggu feedback from her & HR PROTON, kami smpt singgah makan kat Kedai Makan Pak Usop kat bandar Temerloh. Famos tau kdai nie, slalu masuk TV & surat khabar:P alah kedai yg jual Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin..Best wooo :) Murah plak tue. Kat sini, ada jugak jual nasi berlauk yg lain. Thanks to Tuan Syed, sbb blanja makan :) End of Story......

After "melantak" tak hingat punya, kami straight pg umah Hasni. Dr bandar Temerloh ke Felda Kemahal, Triang dlm 50 minit. Kami slamat smpi dlm kul 2pm. She's sgt tabah. Mungkin die betul2 redha dgn pemergian ibunya. setelah 2 tahun disahkan Kanser stage 4, bergelut nyawa..Arwah ibunya sgt kuat. Mungkin semangat ibunya turn ke dia..

Kami bergerak pulang kul 3.30. Singgah solat & straight to S.Alam. Tapi disebabkan hujan lebat, kami smpi kul 8 mlm. pnt sgt pulak rs. wpun tak drive tp rs cm drive lak :P Thanks to En Khalid, Sime Darby (x-Proton) kerana menumpang kan kami :) best lah naik Sante Fe hehehe.

Done long journey

Al-fatihah untuk Arwah Ibu Sahabat...

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hubby msk hospital last week :(

SALAM specialist hospital

from 22-24/10

Jatuh Motor

Kebetulan En Hubby ada kat sini

trainning 2 weeks kat Shah Alam

kena ms on d way pg tmpt trainning tue

Kesian B..

next week 9/11/2009 ada appoinment dgn doktor pakar

nak tgk lutut B

sbb ms kjadian lutut die yg 'teruk' sikit

hopefully B cpt sembuh


Monday, October 19, 2009

-::Cite LamE??::-

Too late nak post cite nie :) lame duk kat draft jer hehe..layan je lah ek

Haluu kengkawan, sgt mnta maaf dh lm tak update kat sini ;P sbuk sgt2 kat ofis. pastu plak g jemputan Open house pun tak hbs2 ;P Bulan puasa turun sikit jer berat bdn, raya naik berkali2 ganda hahaha (i know it's only happen to me, not to kengkawan semua..tgk lah pipi..tembam betul lah)

Bnyk nak cite dgn kengkawan..kali nie Ezan nak update on Open House yg we all buat. Actually kite buat 'pot luck' semua org kn buat sikit2. Kami share 5 orang and jemputan kami cm x-CPD and kwn2 rapat (by invitation only). Meriah tau ;P

Mls nak cte bnyk, jom kite layan gmbr2 nie

Monday, October 05, 2009

-::cEbISaN sYaWAL 1430H::-

Alhamdulillah, raya kali nie bgitu bmakna utk Ezan & hubby, mungkin tak semeriah mcm kwn2 yg lain, Masih bnyk kekurangannyer but still bmakna..tahun pertama beraya bersama, tapi kami tak dpt pun bgambar same2..erm, rugi kan. Kamera kat adik.. (maybe we should buy a new camera for our own use lah B :P)

Raya tahun nie, beraya dgn mertua dulu. MIL masak nasi dagang, nasi himpit, kuah kacang, rendang..lemang abah beli jer. Meriah, dulu sebelum kawin asyik dgr jer En Hubby bgth nasi dagang MIL..mmg sdap tau. Sedara mara n kwn2 abah & mak dtg sbb nak merasa ns dagang jer. Ezan sndiri pun tak smpt nak mengulang dua kali..dah habis dah, tak smpt malam :) Hari raya pertama kami hnya melayan tetamu dtg jer.. Jenuh jugak mak abah nk kenalkan menantu die..hehehe. En hubby kepenatan agaknyer..smpt lg tdo tue :)

Raya kdua, Ezan msh lg di klang. Hari nie kami beraya rumah sedara mak MIL & FIL..Kami beraya ke rumah Ayah Ngah..Abang kpd FIL. actually ayah ngah nie antara orang kuat ms wedding kami hari tue :) Balik tue km snggah pulak rumah biras mak. makan utk kali kedua..hmpir ketat dah bj sy nie. Penutup utk aktiviti raya2 nie, kami singgah umah jiran mak plak..kat sini kami makan laksa penang. ezan rs sikit jer, sbb tak suka sgt laksa penang. lebih suka laksa johor.. :)

Then ry ke3 smpi raya ke-6, ezan n hubby beraya dengan mak btg kali. dan tentu raya kat umah mak mmg sibuk lah kan..asyik beraya jer. Raya ke-3 kami cuma smpt singgah kubur arwah Abah & raya umah nenek. tapi smpi2 jer rumah, rmai pulak yg dtg beraya. W/pun penat tapi still tolong mak kat dpur tau :P En hubby dah kpenatan. tdo :) Malam kami beraya rumah m'Lang. Sedap betul rojak m'lang..nyum,nyum

Raya ke4, kami pergi beraya ke Batang Berjuntai..Dr pagi smpi ke petang yer..Ntah berapa biji rumah kami pergi. Letih tak boleh nak cite dah..Setiap kali beraya tue jugaklah, Ezan nak kn introduce en hubby nie :D Malam pulak pergi beraya ke KKB dgn M'ji..rumah M'ngah ngan Atok Ngah. makan jer..pastu straight gi umah maklang. again... Kami tumpang m'ji malam tue, malas nak drive, tue yg terpaksa ikut lagi ker umah m'lang tue :)

Raya ke-5..Kami duduk rumah sj, menunggu tetamu. Kebetulan family m'ngah nak dtg beraya. dr pagi mak sibuk masak kat dapur. Janji nak dtg ptg..tup, tup diorang dtg pagi pulak. Nasib baik bahan2nyer kami dah sediakan

Raya ke-6, hari nie barulah sempat kami beraya dgn atok..wpun dekat tapi jarang sgt jmpa atok. dah kurus sgt atok skang. sempatlah ezan makan same2 dgn atok. sebelum balik, salam raya dgn, atok dpt duit raya tau.. :P lepas hntar mak, kami terus balik ke shah alam.

Ends cite raya sy :)

Monday, September 14, 2009


-::sELaMAt hARi rAya sEMuA :D::-

Warh, dah nak dekat raya nie :P tak sbr betul nak beraya nie..raya kat mana tahun nie kengkawan? kami (ezan & en Hubby) setelah 'berdiskusi" akhirnye kami memilih rumah mak klang aka rumah my MIL di Klang (poyo betullah ko nie, org lain balik lagi jauh lah :P).

Sedih jugaklah, wpun rumah my mum bukannye jauh sgt pun, kat Btg Kali jer. bukannyer jauh kan Btg Kali--Klang, tapi yelah kite nie kan klu boleh nak beraya dgn family ms pg raya kan. But truly excaited jugak tau...Why????? Yelah first time beraya sebagai suami isteri, dgn mak mertua kan. Hope raya dgn MIL se-happening mcm kite beraya dgn keluarga sendiri :D.

Klu ikut plan, malam raya kami dah gerak ke Klang (yelah tak kan nak balik, ms pg raya pulak kan, lempang skali ko nie Ezan hehe) menantu yg baik, kenalah tolong mak mertua kan, wpun menantu nie bukannye pandai pun memasak :) setakat makan utk sendiri2 bolehlah kan. Mak mertua sy nie org terengganu. Jadi masakan nyer haruslah org terengganu punya masakkan. En hubby cerita, pagi2 raya selalunya mak mertua sy akan buat ns dagang. Bestnye kan...

Utk mak mertua Ezan dah siapkan kuih raya :) beli jer..duit raya? my hubby yg settlekan hehe. Sebelah my side, Ezan settlekan pulak. Alahai nsb baik raya setahun sekali jer kan :P

rumah sendiri...kenalah kemas jugak kan. so last week kami pegi Sunway Piramid & JJ bukit tinggi cr langsir.potong rumput pun dh jugak.. ingt dlm besok @ rabu dh boleh kemas mn yg patut kan.

Nak ry nie busy lah pulak..sebelum terlupa, Ezan nak ucapkan Selamat hari raya utk kwn2 semua. Mana yg balik kg tue, hati2 di jalan raya k. smoga perjalanan kwn2 semua slamat smpi..Maafkan klu ada slh silap, terguris perasaan ker :P

Salam Aidilfitri utk semua..


Thursday, September 10, 2009

-::mAhU Kad RaYe, Sile TingGALkAn aLaMAt DIsINi :D::-

Klu Ezan terlebih 'gedix' nie, sile salahkan Puan Farahadura yer :P die yang mengajar sy begini (sorrylah Fara, bc entry Fara terus rs nak buat jugak :P)

Dengan rs tulus ikhlas, di bulan yang mulia ini, ingin rs nyer kite mengeratkan lagi tali silaturrahim ini (warh bunyi mcm nak ajak dtg open house pulak hehehe). Ezan ingin mengirim kad raya buat kwn2 blogger dan jugak silent reader semua. Ikhlas, insyaAllah smoga ikatan persahabatan akan berkekalan hingga akhir hayat.

Dengan itu, sy mengalu2kan kwn2 semua utk 'meletakkan' alamat di komen bawah or private msg me or agar senang sy mengirimkan kad raya utk kwn2.

Bukan mengharapkan balasan (tapi klu nak balas boleh jugak hahaha) tapi sekiranya ingin bertukar2 kad di bulan mulia ini, alamat Ezan spt di bwh :P

Nurul Aizan

No 11A Jalan Putra Bahagia 8/2M

Putra Height

47650 Subang Jaya

Selangor Darul Ehsan.

P/s: Fara, don't wori because Ezan dah 'terbusuk' kan nama Fara, u will be the first who received card from me dear. But acctually i owe u for this post :)


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

-::ChEcK LiSt rAYe::-

Alhamdulillah, hari nie dah 19 hari kite berpuasa. Rs sekejap sgt bulan ramadhan kali nie kengkawan dh buat check list utk raya nie ker :D standard lah kite kaun hawa nie kan, raya2 nie mcm2 nak kn pikir..kaum adam rsnyer lebih senang serahkan tugas2 kpd yg lebih arif :P (apsal ko ckp formal sgt nihh!!!!)

Mine, lebih senang bersederhana (alahai ckp je lah uangg nyer enggak ada Ezan hahaha). Baju raya?? ade ker? tak sempat nak tempah pun..nantilah klu ade rezeki nanti ajak En hubby shopping same2, beli baju siap. dptlah sedondon kan :) tapi sebenarnya baju kawin dulu ade jer. br beberapa kali pkai..ntahlah, B balik nanti br nak last minit lah nmpknyer. Klu ikut baju not my priority tahun nak kasut & handbag raya jer hahaha. B boleh ker??? :D

Gambar Hiasan :P

Kuih raya, duit raya...semua dh settle. tggl nak ambik jer lagi. So kali nie dh besar sikit jumlahnyer kan :P (utk korang yg single mingle tue hargailah saat bujang anda yer) yelah utk my side, sblh mak mertua lagik. utk rumah sendiri, tak beli apa2 pun. (mcm tak nak bg org dtg beraya jer :P)

Yg pasti, raya nie akan lebih bmakna kan,insyaAllah..semoga keberkatan ramadhan dan syawal nie akn bersama kite slamanyer. Bagi Ezan sndiri, beraya bersama suami dn keluarga dah cukup bermakna kan..

Ya Allah, aku bersyukur di atas sgl nikmatmu, Smoga kdtg syawal ini akan memberi sejuta kebahagiaan dn kegembiraan buat ku dn org2 disekelilingku. Amin

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

-::HappY mOOd tODAy..hOoRay :D::-

Pg td call En Hubby

He Said....

He will be back this Friday

Hooray..Hooray :D

(so now, kepala nie tgh sbuk pikir nak msk lauk berbuka aper? sahur ape?)

Can't wait to see u this Friday B..

Lurve U :P

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

-::REsEpI rOTI gULuNg cHEeSe::-

Kembali atas permintaan ramai (ceh, mcm rmai jer yg tanye :P perasan jer lah ko ni)



  • 4 keping roti
  • 4 keping cheese
  • daging hotdog
  • serbuk lada hitam
  • 1 sudu besar tepung (penuh)
  • 1 biji telur
  • 1 sudu air suam


  1. Roti dilenyekkan jadi nipis (nie klu ada batang pelenyek lagi bagus, klu tak ada boleh guna mug jer ;D)
  2. Daging hotdog di goreng
  3. then, letakkan cheese dlm roti, taburkan serbuk lada hitam & letakkan hotdog diatasnyer :) (siapa suka pedas boleh lah letak bnyk sikit) pastu gulung kan roti... sudah selesai letakkan ditepi dulu
  4. **Campurkan telur, tepung n air suam..pukul hingga sebati.. (klu terkurang air, tambah air)
  5. Kemudian, celupkan roti gulung tadi didalam bahan 4 ** dan gorengkan
  6. setelah masak, potong roti serong (sila rujuk gmbr post yg lepas)

Done :D..senang jer kan..Selamat mencuba

Friday, August 28, 2009

-::SMaLam bERbUkA apE kENgKaWAn???::-

Smalam ms buat roadtour kat blog kengkawan blog terjumpa lah resipi roti gulung cheese..kebetulan pulak bahan2 die smua ada kat rumah. terus teringin :D (tapi ampun tak ingt pulak kat blog sape..dush sebijik kat sy yer, pelupa ya amat hehehe)

Jadi smalam, Ezan mmg tak singgah lansung kat bazar ramadhan (kebetulan hujan lebat pulak!) terus balik rumah. First, buat pengat pisang (makan sorang jer pun beriya nak buat mcm2 hahaha) tak bnyk pun kengkawan bolehlah utk 3 kali makan :) senang jer kan, Ezan th rmai yg th buat :P

dah 6:45pm, br lah buat roti gulung tue. Senang bangat lah kengkawan+pastu kenyang jugak. Mmg Ezan berbuka makan roti gulung tue + pengat pisang jer ;P

sj nak tempek gmbar berbuka smalam..enjoiiiiiii

taraaa..roti gulung cheese..yummy..yummy

close up sikit hihihihi ;D

Pengat pisang..

Juadah berbuka puasa :)