Thursday, April 10, 2014

-::FareWeLL ParTY PreParatIOn::-

Finally..harinya tiba juga kan. My boss last day..
We're planning this event since last week. Event sempat sekejap jer dgn En Amin, but he is good boss actually compared to my previous (At least ^_^)
so this week dok sibuk wat preparation for tomorrow's event

Maybe this song..just enough to show how we feel right now.

Really hope tomorrow's event going smoothly without any act of 'menangis' haha. Surely my colleague (especially seniors) will sedih kan. Mine??? not sure. tengoklah esok hehe


Mummy AwwalHariz said...

compared to previous... hihi...
aizan en amin retired ke resign?

Nurulaizanhusin said...

don't want to disclose hehe...

En Amin actually in contract..retired 55 dah 2 tahun..erm, kali nie tak sambung dah :)