Friday, October 31, 2008

gUEss WHo WiLL B comE bAcK tHIs WeEk

U sha LaLA...guess who will come back this week :P hubby lah. Can't wait to see to him. Tomorrow we have a lot things to do..macam2 ada.Ukur baju for our big event nanti ;), hantar baju nikah kat tailor, beli hantaran (tinggal 1-2 barang lagi) & perharp we will have some nice moment together after more than 1 months we're not seeing each other..really misssh Him.

Bell just i think i should stop here ;) nak balik lah..wait for my next writing next week k. I'll share the story :) i'm sure this week will be my tiring week & exhausted hehhe

Happy nice weekend & hopefully for me too..


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